Friday, February 3 2017

Goalie Salak about how he fielded a broken finger

"For questions about your health in general will not answer ..." 19:30 When will break bread, Swiss might crumble, says Josef Marha who played twelve years in Davos. It would be most appropriate, because with them the Czechs may again meet in the quarterfinals. MORE HERE coach Hadamczik

As we wrote in the Sunday

Sport, James Smith formally move from Czech Budejovice in Yekaterinburg. Luckily in Switzerland not taught in schools Czech ... This would Salák the hand had to be very careful :) The Swiss beat Canada at the World Championships for the second time in history, the first time was in 2010. And who

I wonder what the local barber with

Voras invent According to the background information on the Czech session, which starts in half an hour, it was the second formation composed Vrbata, Novotny, Hubacek. 21:41 Hockey Russia to the World Championship ascribe the third prize. Its excellent conclusion defeated in a Group B match in

Vladimir Zábrodský: I drink beer, wine, drink like whiskey and cognac.

But i do not want to overdo it, always just a little bit. You hear, Mr. President? Eric Staal, captain of Canada for his friend Jiri Tlusty: "He's still not scored and i do not either. Holt probably need each other ... "The coach Hadamczik still waiting for the possibility that the team

At the meeting it was said that they will think about it

But I am a skeptic. I think that if the contract is signed, KHL part of it will not, "said Urban. If that happened, the agreement would not address, for example, or Lev Praha. It's possible, do not worry! Positive attitude radiates from Tomas Plekanec, fresh reinforcements national team

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