As we wrote in the Sunday

Sport, James Smith formally move from Czech Budejovice in Yekaterinburg. Luckily in Switzerland not taught in schools Czech ... This would Salák the hand had to be very careful :) The Swiss beat Canada at the World Championships for the second time in history, the first time was in 2010. And who then won the entire tournament? According to coach Sasha Hadamczik Salak he did not train today because he needed a break, and tomorrow will catch.

Swiss championship twice so far to have won. They have cut the Swedes and Canadians. Is there someone who already is not among the superpowers? Pavelec exclusively: "I did not say that it is the ankle to give me some kind of a jerk from a different team deliberately steady." More on iSport soon. Otherwise Hadamczik coach let slip a mystery is officially out. Ondrej Pavelec has a problem with his ankle. Tomorrow against Switzerland to the Czech goals stand Salak.

A Pavelec should train tomorrow morning on the ice. At the training, not only lack Pavelec, but Salak, who yesterday served after the match with the Swedes only left hand ... If he did not come because Smith .. After today's workout awaits hockey team dinner together. Although optional, but you know, they're all ... :) Trying to "fall out" of the stereotype. Cuba smith just getting on a plane and heading to Stockholm. "The national team needs help, I will comply," he sent. More in a moment on Tuc tuc tuc ... Nene, I'm at a disco, but the 3rd floor of the hotel where he was staying and Team Canada. I wonder if he even knows what the DJ plays in the lobby?

Captain Novotny similarities with last year: "We have again such a slow start. Could we begin to actively axis. We have to do something." Jiri Hudler after a long match before the cab talking with Nicklas Lidströmem, my good friend from Detroitu.Vzpomínali the good old days ..