At the meeting it was said that they will think about it

But I am a skeptic. I think that if the contract is signed, KHL part of it will not, "said Urban. If that happened, the agreement would not address, for example, or Lev Praha. It's possible, do not worry!

Positive attitude radiates from Tomas Plekanec, fresh reinforcements national team Championship světa.Toužebně expected medical procedure from Montreal to arrive ... Current overseas offer a partial solution to the withdrawal of European hockey to junior competitions across the Atlantic. even if only marginally.

"They call it an indirect transfer," said Urban. Financial compensation in these cases, but significantly lower. unclear whether the Czech clubs agree with the proposal, it should be soon. "we have a mandate to act. We offer them but we have to show it to their players and they must decide. It's their investments, they have players under contract and knows what it has advantages and disadvantages, "said Urban. Keeping ČSLH could theoretically sign the treaty itself, because since last year, manages Extraliga.

It will not happen." That would be nonsense. But I wouldnt be in the same situation as the Czech Republic in the 2007/08 season, when the whole contract Europe threw off the table. We behave reasonably and decently. My personal opinion and the opinion of Peter Birch is that it would be good to join the treaty, "said Urban. Everything you need to know about the Czech team and the World Championship in 2013. The program, online transfers, photo galleries, video reports.