Goalie Salak about how he fielded a broken finger

"For questions about your health in general will not answer ..." 19:30 When will break bread, Swiss might crumble, says Josef Marha who played twelve years in Davos. It would be most appropriate, because with them the Czechs may again meet in the quarterfinals. MORE HERE coach Hadamczik that sat well as players from the NHL: "Nobody has a place under cries when she does not performances, which should serve." 18:48 Hudler and nothing else.

Czech Shooting torment best illustrates that Hudler alone has more goals than the rest of his teammates. MORE HERE Alexander Salak hand with a broken finger showed up. At the end of the game, the rivals served with your left hand #mshokej twitter.com/BarboraReichov... 18:45 Who will disappoint against Switzerland?

Choose the best three Czechs in the poll. 18:40 Journey to the medals this year will not be easy. Czech ice hockey team lost its third match at the World Championships with Switzerland 2: 5 and scored a second defeat in a row. MORE HERE 16:15 Czech ice hockey team playing against a dangerous Switzerland. We are watching the match in a detailed online reports! 13:00 Hockey players have gone on Sunday for a dinner, to eat could get a beer or wine ...