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Voras invent According to the background information on the Czech session, which starts in half an hour, it was the second formation composed Vrbata, Novotny, Hubacek. 21:41 Hockey Russia to the World Championship ascribe the third prize. Its excellent conclusion defeated in a Group B match in Helsinki USA 5: 3rd Sborno decided by two goals within 112 seconds in the last seven minutes of the match.

Coach with a stern look, but also a successful orthopedic surgeon, who sometimes allowed emotions to bear so that the bench players leaping and slapping shoulders.

Or experienced physician in this ... 17:53 Jiri Hudler scored two goals against Switzerland, together which the championship is more than the rest of the Czech team. Forward Calgary right after doomed realized that the national team should be giving more goals. "In the endgame, we were reactive," he admitted. MORE HERE entire 7th floor of the hotel inhabits our hockey team. Sauna,fitness and whirlpool are commonplace #mshokej twitter.com/BarboraReichov... For iSport.Tv we explored player hotel.Sauna and gym on the floor ....

Now I have to find room still hidden form and that's it! Vrbata about his fit: "It was even better players. I know I'm not playing well so far. I have no problem with koučovým decision, I'm pretty judicious." Hadamczik coach is considering linking Europe with the attacks of the NHL ... It is obvious that it has a tangled head ... Yesterday after the game, players locked in the cabin to get everything vyříkali.Dnes had a meeting with the coach, who with them He talked after each pětkách 22:55 goalie Salak after the match with the Swiss presented interesting views. According to him, while rival won but played horribly. MORE HERE 22:44 Hadamczik should not only punish. It should also seek ways blogs from Stockholm Sport Editor František Suchan.