Vladimir Zábrodský: I drink beer, wine, drink like whiskey and cognac.

But i do not want to overdo it, always just a little bit. You hear, Mr. President? Eric Staal, captain of Canada for his friend Jiri Tlusty: "He's still not scored and i do not either. Holt probably need each other ... "The coach Hadamczik still waiting for the possibility that the team sent Židlický. If it does not work out, considering Sobotka, or the Pole of St. Louis. On the ice, warming up again after a long pause and Alexander Salak.

With what shows Ondrej Pavelec to him anymore but it certainly left a job twos. Now Plekanec is exactly the stimulus the team needs. just to Tuesday against the Norwegians ever there was still something to play ... I see in Helsinki Something very things . Gold win over the Danes ... like this: it could be worse ... In Stockholm a few days at a nice teplo.Až nezvykle.V cabin was after defeats stuffy, perhaps even there only brightens and withstand it. .. the skate was just alternates rest of the players remained in hotelu.Šetří forces and preparing to Dány.Další hesitation would be a bummer like crazy .. number two in today's match against the Danes will be goalkeeper Frenchman.

Salák team saves, his finger is still not one hundred percent okay. Trapping will Pavelec 22:00 Hockey USA vyšlápl at home thanks to a hat-trick in Finland and Smith won 4: 1. MORE INFO. 18:06 Hockey Germany will finally win the World Championship. Victory over Austria 2: 0th MORE HERE Proof that there is depressed mood: Trio Pavelec, Voráček Thick afternoon managed to get a haircut.