Eintracht Frankfurt - TSG Hoffenheim

Friday's audition German Bundesliga takes us this time to Frankfurt, where domestic Hoffenheim Eintracht welcome. While still in the spring would be a purely rescue encounter, now may be a winner, at least temporarily move to the current third position ...

The Hessian whole is experiencing a season literally like night and day. The Eagles still half a year ago fiercely fought for rescue and among the German elite to keep up thanks to a successful playoff with Nuremberg, while now after a great introduction among the aspirants to advance to the Cup of Europe.

Indeed Eintracht after experiencing a year from 1993 to 1994 the second best start of the season (if he had played 30 points), in the same spirit would then domestic racers wanted to persevere as long as possible. "Last year we, along with Hoffenheim fought for the descent, but since then both clubs have made big progress," said Niko Kovac. "Before we own fans show strength," said the former Croatian national team, who with his brother Robert week extended the contract to 2019.

Visiting ekipa is even better: Hoffenheim together with the Chef RB Leipzig single total, which until now has never known the bitterness of defeat (6-7-0 balance)! Also, country club has experienced only one historically successful season and now the opening, which had by this time 28 points.

The upcoming match will be special for Pirmin Schwegler, who before joining TSG boarded five years just for the Hessian team. Swiss midfielder hit a year in the opening two league duels, now it is again the second week in a full workout. "I'd like to show on the pitch, I must admit. But the decision is, of course, to the coach," said Schwegler.

Frankfurt's hand remains a large number of sick, various reasons do not allow board Anderson, Russ Tawathovi, Varela, Blum, Flume, and Medojevičovi Stender.

A better understanding is he Sinsheim's team. Significant losses for Hoffenheim absence Kerema Demirbaye, which continue to plague muscle problems, otherwise the entire team.